No matter whether you’ve stumbled across this blog, clicked a random link out of interest or searched for it specifically, however you got here you’re probably wondering who I am, well here it goes…

I’m a 22 year old girl currently living in Bedfordshire, England, who is also currently very unemployed (which is probably the first thing any of my family members would tell you about me). I graduated last year from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Geography and then spent the summer trying to decide what was next, turns out an email can change your life. Thank you to whichever recruitment agency sent me that email because I then spent the next 3 life changing months in Nicaragua volunteering with Raleigh International.

After getting back I was thrown back into the world of adulthood and decision making (which by the way, I’m terrible at), trying to make serious career decisions, and long story short it didn’t go very well. So here I am 6 months later, still unemployed, having travelled solo to the USA (fulfilling a long-awaited dream adventure in the process), living rent free thanks to my amazing parents and having finally applied for, and been accepted onto, the perfect International Development masters course starting in September.

…so that’s me, or at least that’s what’s happened to me over the last year! And, if this hasn’t deterred you then feel free to visit again, read my random ramblings about life and just get to know a little bit more about me. Just a heads up, those ramblings will most probably be about my travels, charities and organisations I love and support, my obsession with TV, quotes that I live by and basically anything else I feel like writing about.


adventure awaits,
Becca xo